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Our Winter Vet Visit is Coming Up!

There is always quite a bit going on at our Amelia animal sanctuary. With the winter temperatures settling in, we have worked hard to clean and refresh the animal pens and beds so that they have comfortable places to go when they want to get out of the elements.

For us, a veterinarian visit is a big deal. We have dozens of animals at our animal sanctuary and they all receive top-notch care so that they can live happy and healthy lives.

This is an important part of our program, but it does come at a cost. Between check-ups, medications, vaccinations, and spaying/neutering, our winter visit costs us about $2,000.

At this time, we are asking for your help to offset some of this cost. Your donation, either one-time or ongoing, goes directly to help us provide this veterinary care to our animals across the sanctuary.

Discover Our Story

Our animal sanctuary was created with the simple purpose of providing a loving environment and the right amount of care to animals who need it. Over the years, we have transitioned our wide open spaces of Amelia, Virginia into a mixture of pens, stables, and play spaces for animals of many shapes and sizes. While our resident animals may change, our mission of connecting our community with animals in need will always stay the same.

We take in animals needing a new home and do our best to find them the right place based on their needs and our current population. Costs and steps associated with rehoming will be discussed on an individual basis.

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Give us a hand and we'll make sure you have everything you need to show up and make an impact. From hand-on work with our animals to building refreshes and pen upkeep, we have plenty to keep you busy!

Donate to Our Cause

We rely on your donations to keep our farm going. Your gift helps us provide high quality food for our animals and life-saving veterinary care. Without gifts from our community, we would be unable to operate.

Special Events

We offer petting zoos and pony rides for special occasions with flexible options to meet many needs. Whether you come to the farm or ask us to bring it to you, there is a lot of love ready to share!

Come Visit Us!

We have created a safe and welcoming environment for individuals, families, and volunteer organizations of all kinds. From work-days on the farm to a simple tour, we have programs available to give you a taste of the simple life with a great cause.

We Love Every Animal.

Our animal sanctuary was created to ensure that animals that could no longer be cared for would find a new home through our program. We groom, rehabilitate, and train animals of all sorts in order to give them another chance at a wonderful life.

Common Questions

How are donations spent?

Your donations go directly to the care of our animals! This may include the purchase of food, regular veterinary visits, and upkeep for their play areas.

Can I come visit?

Absolutely! From weekend work days to special events and planned tours, we are ready to welcome you to our animal sanctuary.

Can I sponsor an animal?

Absolutely! Your sponsorship goes directly to support that particular animal. You will receive regular email updates with photos of your sponsored friend.

What Neighbors are Saying

"We loved visiting Freckles & Friends! They made it really easy for our children to meet the animals and help around the farm for a bit. They can't wait to come back!"

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